About Daigo Town

Daigo Town is a mountain town located in the northwestern part of Ibaraki Prefecture.
It has many attractions and is surrounded a tranquil natural environment, including Mt. Yamizo and the Kuze River. The town is also called “Okukuji.”
The most famous tourist attraction in Daigo Town is Fukuroda Falls. This magnificent waterfall, 120 meters high and 73 meters wide, is a scenic spot that is always thronged with visitors.
The Town has many local specialty products, such as Okukuji apples, and is also famed as a hot spring resort.


About 150 kilometers from Tokyo to Daigo Town as the crow flies, it takes about three hours by car from the Tokyo area. We recommend that you rent a car or use a long-distance bus that departs from Tokyo Station. Access by train is not convenient, since you need to change trains several times and the number of services is limited.

地図 電車とバスでのアクセス


The Town is in a basin surrounded by mountains, in area with many sunny days.
In winter, the mornings and evenings can be very chilly. The average minimum temperature in January is –5.5 °C, the lowest temperature in the Kanto region plains. For winter sightseeing in this area, be sure to bring warm clothes.
On the other hand, temperatures are very high in midsummer, sometimes above 35 °C. In summer, cooler places, such as waterfronts and forests, are popular spots for sightseeing.