Natural beauty

Daigo Town has areas of untouched natural beauty, such as lush green mountains and picturesque waterside scenery.
Visit us to unwind and breathe the clean air, surrounded by nature, far from the hustle and bustle of the city and your hectic life!
Our beautiful and soothing scenery is just a few hours away.

Fukuroda Falls

A scenic spot famous in Ibaraki Prefecture. The waterfall is 120 meters high and 73 meters wide. The beauty of the falls surrounded by autumn leaves is exceptional, attracting many visitors. In winter, the waterfall freezes white if the temperature falls low enough. Every season gives it a unique beauty.

The Kuji River

This beautiful river flows through the center of Daigo Town. People enjoy Ayu fishing from June. In summer, the river is a popular spot for families to play in the water. On cold winter mornings, you can see a beautiful natural phenomenon called “Shiga,” where the river water partially freezes and sherbet-like ice crystal flow on the surface of the water.

Mt. Yamizo

This is a mountain range on the border between Ibaraki and Fukushima prefectures. Its altitude is 1,022 meters, making it the highest mountain in Ibaraki Prefecture. There are primeval forests, such as beech and water oak, and natural springs, where you can observe rare plants and small animals.

Mt. Nantai

This mountain is located in the southeastern part of Daigo Town and has been worshipped since ancient times. It is also popular for walking because of its unusual geographical features, including strange rocks and amazing stones. The view from the summit is spectacular.


Daigo Town is a lush green area with many campsites. You can enjoy barbecuing, athletics, forest bathing, playing in the water, and other pastimes surrounded by the magnificent natural beauty of Okukuji. There is also an auto campsite where you can easily enjoy outdoor activities without having to bring camping equipment from home.