Hot springs

Surrounded by abundant natural beauty, Daigo Town is also known as one of the best hot spring resorts in Ibaraki Prefecture. The hot springs in Daigo Town feature plentiful pure and health-giving hot water and beautiful scenery.
There are numerous hot spring inns in Daigo Town, but the water quality of each differs by area, with each area having a different atmosphere. There are also facilities by which you can enjoy a “day-trip hot spring bath.” Relaxing in hot spring water is an ideal way to soothe away any travel weariness.

Typical hot spring inns

Daigo Onsen Yamizo Hotel

This is a public hot spring inn where you can relax in a natural environment. Hot spring baths prepared in different ways for each season are popular with visitors. Ringo-buro (a bath with floating apples), in which you can enjoy the autumn atmosphere of Daigo, is especially popular.

Fukuroda Onsen Omoide Romankan

This is a stylish hot spring inn located close to Fukuroda Falls. The water here is pure and gentle. It is said that it makes the skin beautiful, and is popular with women. The inn is proud of its dishes made of local specialties and seasonal ingredients.

Takimi no Yado Honen Mansaku

Located only a 5-minute walk from Fukuroda Falls, making it a convenient base for sightseeing. You can enjoy a close view of the mountains from the open-air bath on the rooftop.

Takimi no Yu Shirakiso

A hot spring inn run by friendly local residents. The open-air bath, surrounded set in mountains and forests is famous, and you can also enjoy a day-trip hot spring bath.

Day-trip hot spring baths

Okukuji Daigo Michi-no-eki (roadside station)

This roadside station is located in a large rest facility along National Route 118. You can enjoy hot spring water drawn from its source at Daigo Onsen. There are also restaurants, shops, and a tourist information center.

Daigo Onsen Recreation Center Forest hot spring (Mori no Ideyu)

Famous for its natural forest environment and its large open-air bath. A bubble bath and a dry sauna are also available.
In autumn and winter, you can enjoy their Ringo buro (bath with floating apples).