Autumn highlights

In autumn, the leaves of the mountain forests turn red and yellow. Daigo Town is blessed with natural beauty through all the seasons, but autumn gives the most wonderful views of the year.
Nothing is better than spending a relaxing time in Daigo Town, viewing the scenery adorned with beautiful autumn colors and enjoying delicious seasonal foods.

Seasonal events

Okukuji Daigo Festival


This is an event that hosts a huge variety of local specialties, such as food, music, and crafts. Sales of local gourmet products, gourmet contests, and music events are held.

Apple picking

Mid-September to late November

In Daigo Town, there are many apple orchards planted on the gentle slopes of the mountains. Picking your own apples is very popular around the time of the autumn harvest. Eating freshly picked apples in the great outdoors is especially delightful.

Viewing Autumn leaves in Daigo Town

In Daigo Town, you can enjoy the scenery through all four seasons. However, autumn is exceptional, as the mountain forests turn red and yellow. Hiking under the changing leaves is also a memorable experience.

Fukuroda Falls

The beauty of the contrast of colors between the bright red maples and pure white waterfall is highly picturesque.

Eigenji Temple

The temple is also known as “Momiji Temple.” Its precincts are filled with red- and yellow-colored maples, creating an astonishingly beautiful landscape.

Tsukimachi Falls

You can enjoy viewing the autumn leaves in a tranquil atmosphere. Many maple trees are planted along the road leading to the waterfall.

Namase Falls

A waterfall located at the upper reach of Fukuroda Falls. It is one of the best places to see the autumn leaves along the Tsukioresan hiking trail. The waterfall seen through the trees provides a superb view.

Kotokuji Temple

This is a historic temple designated as a tangible cultural property of Daigo Town. The large ginkgo tree standing on the side of the mountain gate turns a striking bright yellow in autumn.

Mt. Yamizo

At Mt. Yamizo, home to primeval beech and maple forests, you can enjoy hiking under the autumn leaves. There is a magnificent view, especially in the fall, from the observatory on the summit.

Mt. Nantai

Mt. Nantai is a mountain with an altitude of 654 meters located in the southeastern part of Daigo Town. It is also famous for its hiking course. The beauty of the autumn leaves and the view from the summit are exceptional.

Seasonal delicacies

Okukuji soba

Daigo Town is a famous soba-producing area. Okukuji soba is known for its high quality, with a perfect balance of aroma, flavor, and sweetness. Fresh soba harvested in the autumn has an especially rich aroma. An experience not to be missed!