Spring highlights

Daigo Town in spring is full of beautiful colors, such as cherry blossoms and the fresh green of young tea shoots.
Spring is a good time to visit Daigo Town: the plants are thriving and the village is full of life.

Seasonal events

Hina Matsuri (doll’s festival) on one-hundred stairs

Mid-February to early March

Hina matsuri is a traditional Japanese festival, held to pray for girls’ growth and success. Hina dolls are displayed wearing traditional Japanese wedding costumes. All the 100 steps of the stairway up to the Junisho Jinja Shrine are decorated with gorgeous Hina dolls, making a fantastic sight.

Hitachinokuni Yosakoi Festival

Late May

“Yosakoi” is the name of a dance-based festival that is held in various parts of Japan. Many dancer teams participate in this event from inside and outside the prefecture every year. They wear bright costumes and perform with enthusiasm. Contests and other events are also held.

Tea picking experience

Late May to mid-June

Tea picking can be experienced in Okukuji Chanosato Park, where there are tea plantations, from late May to mid-June. You can enjoy the vivid green color and refreshing scent of new tea leaves.

Sakura (cherry blossom) in Daigo

From early to mid-April, many varieties of cherry trees, such as Someiyoshino (Yoshino cherry trees), weeping cherry trees, and wild cherry trees, are in full bloom in Daigo Town. It is well worth a visit to see the already beautiful spring scenery decorated with pink cherry blossoms.

Soto Ono weeping cherry tree

An old tree, estimated to be over 300 years old. The tree is still strong and healthy. It is said that the tree is related to the Tokugawa family, a shogunate during the Edo period; it was designated a natural monument of Ibaraki Prefecture in 2005.

Uwaoka weeping cherry tree

An old tree standing in the Nagase family graveyard on a hill in the Ueoka district. Its estimated age is 300 years, its height is 16 m, and the trunk’s circumference is 4.6 m. It is one of the largest weeping cherry trees in Daigo Town.

Sakura in the former Uwaoka Elementary School

Someiyoshino is the most popular variety of Japanese cherry tree and is planted in many schools nationwide. Here, the wooden school building’s nostalgic appearance, built about one century ago, and the cherry blossoms in full bloom create a stunning sight.

Seasonal delicacies

New tea

Daigo Town is a famous production area for Japanese tea. The new tea harvested in the spring period has a strong flavor. Try it – you will enjoy its rich taste.