Summer highlights

In summer, when the mountains take on a deeper shade of green, Daigo Town echoes with the lively voices of people enjoying hiking and camping.
The natural sounds of summertime, such as the murmuring of rivers and the thunder of waterfalls, are wonderfully refreshing.

Seasonal events

Fireworks display and Toro-nagashi ceremony

August 14

A festival held on the banks of the Kuji River. At the fireworks display, more than 3,000 fireworks are set off. Toro-nagashi is a traditional summer event in which lanterns are floated on the river to mourn the souls of the dead. It is very moving to see the lights of countless lanterns shimmering on the surface of the river.

Waterside playground

Tsukimachi Falls

A waterfall on the Onasegawa River, a tributary of the Kuji River. Its height is 15 meters, and its width is 10 meters. You can go in the space behind the waterfall. The site is now attracting tourists’ attention as a spot for bathing in negative ions.

Forespa Daigo

A large pool facility in the woods. Outdoors, there is a surf pool and a waterslide. Indoors, there is an herbal bath, a sauna, and a hot spring pool.


There are many campsites in Daigo Town, a lush green town. You can enjoy barbecues, athletics, forest bathing, and playing in the water. There is also an auto campsite where you can enjoy the outdoors without having to bring your own camping equipment.

Seasonal delicacies

Ayu no shioyaki (Grilled sweetfish with salt)

It is said that the ayu grown in the Kuji River are the tastiest and the most beautiful-looking in Japan. Summer is the best season for sweetfish. Ayu no Shioyaki is a popular dish in which salted sweetfish is skewered and grilled over a charcoal fire.