Winter highlights

In winter, the villages and mountains of Daigo Town are covered with pure white snow. The quiet and mysterious atmosphere, such as the frozen waterfalls and the sparkling ice that flows over the river surface, are unique phenomena during this season.
Warming yourself in the hot springs and feasting on local specialties is exceptionally enjoyable in winter.

Seasonal events

Daigo Light

Autumn to Winter

This is a famous event in which the magnificent Fukuroda Falls are lit up. The sight of the waterfall illuminated in the darkness has a different allure, quite unlike the waterfall as seen during the day.

Hyobaku (Icefall) when the waterfall freezes

During the coldest winters, the waterfalls can freeze white. This phenomenon is called “Hyobaku” in Japanese.

Fukuroda Falls

Hyobaku can be seen in the coldest season, from late December to February. How much of them is frozen depends on the weather. In some cases, the waterfall freezes completely, and a few brave people try climbing up the ice wall.

Tsukimachi Falls

It is very interesting to see how the water freezes in two jets in winter. The view from behind the waterfall is magical.

Namase Falls

A waterfall located at the upper reach of Fukuroda Falls. It is along the Tsukioresan hiking trail; you can see it frozen white in winter.

Scenery unique to winter

Shiga in Kuji River

Shiga is a beautiful natural phenomenon that you can see only in the early morning in midwinter. Innumerable ice crystals are generated and flow down the river surface, making a unique sound. The sight of shimmering pieces of ice illuminated by the rising sun is very dramatic.

Warabocchi (haystacks) in the snow

Warabocchi is a traditional method of stacking rice straw. The sight of snow-capped haystacks lined up in the rice fields is a familiar scene in Daigo Town in winter.

Hot springs in Daigo Town

Daigo Town is also one of the most popular hot spring resorts in Ibaraki Prefecture. There are many hot spring inns, and there are also facilities where you can enjoy a day-trip hot spring bath.

Seasonal delicacies

Okukuji Shamo Nabe

Shamo is a kind of chicken that is raised in a free-range environment. Its firm meat and strong umami are attractive, and it is popular for its low-fat meat and healthy taste. You can enjoy the texture and rich flavor of the meat and the umami of the soup stock.

Miso Dengaku

Konjac is one of the typical specialties of Daigo Town. Miso Dengaku, boiled konjac with plenty of sweet miso, is a perfect food for the cold season.